40" Poolwater blue body w/ gold metallic fringe (TB121)


40" Long, Poolwater blue body, with gold metallic, extra long fringe. Red metallic trim, with basket stamped belt and billets. Strings and conchos.

 CLOSE OUT! All chaps are NEW, never used but sold "as is" as some have been display show pieces and may show small imperfections. 

Chaps are measured from the top of the belt on the center/side to the bottom of the fringe at the center of the leg. You can measure from the top of your belt to the floor with your boots on to get a general idea of what length of chaps you want. You can wear the chaps above, on, or below your belt to give you a little margin on the length.


40" Poolwater blue body w/ gold metallic fringe (TB121)
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