Armadillo Armor "Protective Shorts

Our shorts feature knee to waist compression support and warming to keep muscles loose. This set of armor has multiple layer protection to cushion and distribute the force of the impact. It is made of a unique breathable material for your comfort. Front velcro closure with easily removable plastic sheilds. It is the only one made of super tough "Tex" material to give you more durability and value. The seams are double cross stitched for added strength. This is undoubtedly the best set of armor on the market today. Price $150.00

Sankey Rodeo School Student Price: $140.00
Former Sankey Rodeo School Student discount available. To receive the former student discount, you must select student price in drop down menu, then check box below drop down and enter the date AND location of the Sankey Rodeo School you attended.

Armadillo Armor "Protective Shorts
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Price $150.00