Large Bull Bell CLG325

Why are two bells needed? "It takes the weight of two Large Bells to quickly pull your rope off the bull. That keeps it from dragging around the arena in the mud and muck! You only need one Bell Strap for the two Bells but you do need to use two bells. It's also important to have two bells the same size. It makes it easier to handle your rope when you are adjusting it." Price $12.95 per bell

Sankey Rodeo School Student Price: $10.95 per bell
Special Price when buying two Price $22.00
Sankey Rodeo School Student Price $20.00 Former Sankey Rodeo School Student discount available. To receive the former student discount, you must select student price in drop down menu, then check box below drop down and enter the date AND location of the Sankey Rodeo School you attended.

Large Bull Bell CLG325
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Price $12.95