Pro Neck Rolls (leather or cordura) by Ride-Right

The vest with the neck roll seemed like a good idea, but you don't have to watch too many tapes of the NFR to see that they simply don't work. To quote one person who switched from a vest/neck roll combination to our vest and our stand alone neck roll, "As the vest moves, so does the neck roll creating a fulcrum effect for your head to roll over." Many have pulled off their neck roll and gone with a design that secures like ours. It's the only way to guarantee that it stays put where you want it. Available in Cordura or Black Leather. Choose option when checking out. Price $49.95

Sankey Rodeo School Student Price: $44.95
Former Sankey Rodeo School Student discount available. To receive the former student discount, you must select student price in drop down menu, then check box below drop down and enter the date AND location of the Sankey Rodeo School you attended.

Leather is an additional $35.00

Pro Neck Rolls (leather or cordura) by Ride-Right
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Price $49.95