Wild Man Midlift Riggin built by Larry Sandvick

Designed and manufactured by Larry “Wild Man” Sandvick,12 X NFR Qualifying Bareback Rider, this new design is patterned to mimick the tree of a saddle to provide added comfort to the horse through a better fit. This, in turn, will help the cowboy get a better feel for both the riggin and the horse. With no bars under the body, this new innovative design has received positive feedback from various stock contractors.
Like all Wild Man Riggins, the XT comes with Pads.
This riggin recommended for a beginning rider or a taller athlete with any level of experience.

Former Sankey Rodeo School Students receive a bonus cinch! Select student price bellow and enter date and location of the Sankey Rodeo School you attended.

Wild Man Midlift Riggin built by Larry Sandvick
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Price $745.00